Trade review for September. Profit – $ 10438.

Hello colleagues!

It’s time to share with you the results of my September trading. I traded very actively last month. And my trading labors were rewarded with good profits. At the end of the month, it amounted to $ 10,438.

I managed to earn such a profit not only thanks to my own efforts, but also thanks to the high-quality services of a broker.

I have opened a trading account in Maximarkets .

What was September

September, in general, did not differ in anything special from the previous months. In a crisis, it seems to me, all months are similar to each other. The situation remains difficult. The world’s major economy was showing signs of recovery. Some statistical data in the US showed positive dynamics in September. However, the outlook for the US economy continues to look dim. The victory over the coronavirus has not yet been won. In the United States, infections continue to rise and are already approaching 8 million. Representatives of the US Federal Reserve have repeatedly warned that the return of the American economy to pre-crisis state will be a long process. The dollar behaved unpredictably. The situation in the European economy cannot be assessed unambiguously either. It seems that only the German economy is doing well in Europe. In Japan, a change of government took place in September. There is now a new prime minister. Only time will show how successfully he will solve difficult financial and economic problems.

Best Deal of the Month

If we talk about profitable trades, there were a lot of them with a relatively small profit. Due to the number of successful deals, I managed to reach a good profit by the end of the month. Several orders, closed with a large loss, could not radically change the situation. If we evaluate trading transactions by the amount of profit, then the best one can be considered the purchase on September 9 usa.30. After the collapse of the US stock market at the beginning of the year due to the coronavirus pandemic, the US stock market has been gradually recovering in recent months. However, volatility remains quite high. After another drop in usa.30, I opened a trade with the expectation of a market recovery. Despite the placed take-profit, the order was closed by me earlier, as it became clear that further upward movement is unlikely. Earning for usa.30 was $ 2024.

As for the most unsuccessful deal of the last month, it was the purchase of gold on September 18th. Gold has skyrocketed this year. It is always in high demand in times of crisis. I opened a buy order for gold in the direction of the prevailing trend. However, the quotes of the precious metal were under pressure from the strengthening of the dollar. In addition, there was information about a successful trial of a vaccine against coronavirus, which increased the hope of investors for a recovery in the global economy. They lost interest in gold. The price began to fall and I recorded a loss of $ 6,018.