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60 Seconds is a charming game. Despite the limited amount of content on offer, the overall care in development provides a complete experience.

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We’ve compiled a detailed guide for 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure that includes all the things you need to do to stay alive and do all the things the game ...

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While all of this makes for an interesting take on the survival genre, 60 Seconds! is very much the product of good ideas marred by poor execution. In the scavenging portion of the game, for example, the controls are frustratingly floaty and unresponsive, meaning that about half of your precious time will be spent watching Ted walk into walls and get hung up on furniture. One could argue that this is part of the experience, but it feels like a cheap way of adding artificial difficulty to an already challenging enough game. It’s no fun when the character on screen doesn’t necessarily do what you tell them to, and in a game such as this where every little action is critical to one’s success, tighter gameplay in this area is a must.

Stage 6: Envy (51-60) You want to be someone else so always do something to get supplies unless you are scavenging with raiders/bandits around.

60 Seconds comes with three different levels of difficulty – Little Boy (easy), Fat Man (normal), and Tsar Bomba (hard). Each of these levels have their own accompanying variables, including Exploration Time (the quick period you have before scavenging that allows you to map out your plan), Scavenge Time ((the duration in which you have to gather all the stuff before the atomic bomb drops), and Stocked Shelter (the number of items in your shelter on Day 1 of Survival). For the latter variable, you’ll get all the items stated, and wouldn’t have to gather them via Scavenge. In most cases, you get extra food and water, and you may sometimes get bonus equipment.

Apocalypse mode is the normal game mode where you have to scavenge, and then survive in a post nuclear fallout shelter.

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Making for the shelter in time is thus just the beginning of the game. The player’s decisions how to distribute water and food are based on the daily reports. Further decisions are who to send out to the radioactive wasteland in search for more resources and information.

what to do when the world crumbles. Will you risk going outside? Who is not eating dinner, when barely any food is left? How do you deal with a mutant cockroach infestation?

Meet Dolores and Ted using Mary Jane and their two children Timmy. They’re your ideal content and extremely stereotypically American home that will have fit properly within the 1998 film Pleasantville. But unbeknown to the suburban foursome, they’re going to turn into a different type of nuclear family using the sound of 1 really loud siren: the nuclear bomb alarm!

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