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offers services that help consumers buy cars, sell cars, or research car purchases. [6] For those looking to buy a car, the site offers listings of new and used vehicles for sale from dealers and private sellers. [6] [11]

Over manufacturers produced a countless number of different car models over the past 100 years. It is not that easy to tell what makes a certain car so special, even decades after the production shut down. Sometimes it depends on the car body as such, sometimes a famous driver increased the popularity of a certain car model. Good examples for cars that made an astonishing image change are the European Opel Kadett or classic muscle cars from the US. Those pragmatic but fuel consuming cars were widely disliked for years - today, there is a huge fan community for old and restored muscle cars and standard models from Europe and they are popular collectibles for every automobile fan.

Von Blitzen über Pferde hin zu Sternen – Willkommen in der Welt der klassischen Automobile. Seit dem Benz Patent-Motorwagen Nummer 1 von 1886 ist viel Zeit vergangen, Automobilhersteller kamen und gingen, doch bis heute sind viele ihrer Kreationen/Schöpfungen erhalten geblieben. Wer heute einen Oldtimer kaufen möchte hat die Qual der Wahl. Classic Trader hilft Ihnen beim Thema Youngtimer kaufen mit dem eigenen Oldtimer Markt. Oldtimer kaufen leicht gemacht!

Car Export America's Car Export USA export process begins for American used cars with when we receive your USA car shipping or car condition request quote. We assign it to one of our sales team member. When you buy used cars USA, buy american cars or buy cars online in USA, the export process involves a few stages, car trader is a favorite when buy American cars, car sale USA or car sale online and buy American cars online. We arrange used car sales for export to all ports when you buy American used cars. Car sale USA has discounts when you buy used cars USA and car export together.

We've compiled a few tips for long-term storage of your Classic Car. Combining these with our recommendations for short-term storage will help protect your investment and make it a little easier to put that classic car back on the road when it's time to take it out storage.

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