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Binary options trading is new and attractive way of making money on the Internet. It is defined as fast and simple trades with market assets such as gold, silver or Google stocks .

To succeed in option trading, you must understand that all option strategies come with their own set of risks and rewards, and that the market will price them accordingly.

In your own quest for the best option strategies , the biggest potential mistake you want to eliminate beforehand is adopting a trading or investing philosophy that doesn't actually suit you.

As the Trading Education Manager of , Dean is responsible for designing the education experience; from producing the content, delivering trading courses, shaping the news and making sure the education product is a holistic approach to teaching new traders how to trade.
is an online trading school and community, covering both foreign exchange and stock trading.

If you expect a mixed-bag of potential events to drive markets up, down, and move sideways for periods on end, then you could benefit from structuring your trades by using simultaneous buy and sell options strategies to benefit from either stagnation or up and down moves in the market. 

So why are we telling you this? Well, we believe the strategy Doc used to amass this track record is one of the safest and most consistent ways to generate extra income in the market: selling put options. That’s also why we’ve encouraged you to use this strategy for years in our newsletters… We want every person that reads our services to at least try selling puts.

Simply put “You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know” and I assure you this is for real! My personal integrity and that of my brand “Success Leaves a Trail®” is far more important than earning a few dollars from any book. In fact; I use this very case study in my teachings as the perfect example of what can be achieved if you have an open mind to accept new information and willing to learn from a Mentor, as I did!

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  When asking the question, is it possible to become a consistent successful trader, one really should be asking about your willingness to becoming a dedicated student first.   They are intrinsically linked. Trading is no more than a skill that needs to be learnt and mastered. How that skill is developed is always up to , option trading is   made out to be complicated, hard to learn and reserved only for the sophisticated investor. As I discovered, it does not need to  be that difficult. You just need to be humble enough to become a good student.    If you connect with the right mentor, someone who  has already achieved success, your progress will be greatly enhanced.

The Bolly Band Bounce Trade is perfect in a ranging market . Many traders use it in combination with confirming signals, to great effect. If Bollinger Bands appeal to you, this one is well worth a look.

Certain businesses go through periods in which they experience dramatic growth. Stocks go through similar periods of continued gains. Recognizing when a stock is being accumulated is a key attribute for astute investors. We excel at this skill. Buying call options, buying put options, and letting winning trades run are a foremost strategy here at Call Option Strategies. Our momentum stock picks can and will continue to be quite profitable. Our call option strategy is quite simply the best option trading strategy available.

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Option traders! Looking for a conservative, safe and reliable strategy? The “Best Option Strategy Ever” produces a potential 3% to 7% return on investment each month.
Regardless of whether the market is up, down, or stagnant, this trading method works consistently.
Until now, this strategy has usually been reserved for elite traders with huge accounts. But the fact is that the method works just as well to small-account traders. You place your trades only once a month. It requires very little monitoring.
Perfect for busy people with limited time to devote to stock trading. The method requires no software, no memberships, and no subscriptions.

Figures 1 and 2 compare the strategy's evolution since March 1994 vs. the S&P 500, rebased at 100 using monthly and weekly maturities. To make our results easy to reproduce, we ignored interest rates and dividends. Over the 20-year period, the S&P 500 registered a Sharpe ratio. The monthly strategy is slightly better at , but the weekly strategy is much better at .

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If you could only pick one book from this list to buy this would be the one you need to get. At over 1000 pages this book will be your option trading bible.

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