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International traders operating from the country had not been regulated by the Israel Securities Authority, and there had been complaints that the industry had been used as cover for criminal activity, the explanatory notes to the law said.

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“Trading platforms that offer trading in binary options cause grave, destructive damage to Israel’s image, which is quickly gaining momentum and fuels anti-Semitism against Jews, in general, and Israelis in particular, and undermines Israel’s foreign relations,” ISA chair Shmuel Hauser said in a statement.

Each count carries a potential maximum 20 years in prison. At this time it is unknown whether bail would be set as Elbaz has no connection to the community and therefore poses a flight risk. She is represented by Jonathan Lopez, Esq.

The latest moves to ban the marketing of binary options to foreigners is a death knell for those companies operating in Israel. In one year, several brokerages have shut down and others which have been implicated in trading malpractices are being raided by authorities. The environment for binary trading in Israel is presently a very difficult one. The best brokers for binary options trading in Israel are offshore brokers. At the moment, marketing of binaries to Israeli citizens by offshore brokers has not come under any prohibitions (as is the case in France, Italy and Belgium). It should be ok to trade with an offshore broker.

One needs to wait for the Supreme Court’s verdict regarding Mr. Herzog. In case of positive feedback, it would truly further mock a law called for by all of the world, already modified and thoroughly revised to gain the approval of the Israeli parliament.

To justify Herzog’s appeal, who has evident interests in the sector, he stated that the law in his opinion was excessively rigorous as result of public pressure.
The fraud connected to binary option has origins in Israel, and has had devastating effects across the world, with confirmed cases of suicide caused as a result of losing all of their savings.
Nevertheless, according to the entrepreneur, it is based on a true and proper witch hunt that has falsely involved those who operate legally from Israel, exporting services and technology.
The new law would, according to Herzog, therefore be unjust as it does not distinguish the honest companies from the “weeds.”

News stories through the years have described  misery and suicides among victims. Finally, a year ago the Israeli government banned sales of binary options to Israelis, but continued to permit them to the rest of the world.

Yes, High low closed my account as well. I have no issue to close down the fraud BO brokers. However, there is no options for Canadians who want to trade BO with a legit broker. It will takes years for the government to draft a law for BO to be regulated in Canada. It sucks

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Biton was speaking at a Knesset panel discussing the draft bill banning the offering of binary options to clients abroad and accepting foreign clients by Israeli brokers. The bill is due to be passed by the Knesset next Monday, local media report.

“As soon as I started looking for a job, I was getting calls from binary options companies every day,” he recalls. “They dominate the job advertisement space.”

Regulators from the US through to New Zealand are putting a lot of effort into labeling  OTC binary options as a scam or ponzi scheme with regular notices about brokerages that are scamming unsuspecting retail customers to creative infographics that outline “How not to fall victim to Binary Options scams”.

In an unregulated environment, brokers do not have to act within the bounds of the law. The brokers’ main concern is making money, squeezing each trader for as much as they can, often misrepresenting their business to achieve this.

As the number of companies offering binary options related services grew, the ISA began to look into the market and decided to start with the implementation of a set of rules meant to protect Israeli binary options traders. The initial reaction of the ISA was to place a prohibition on the marketing and offering of binary options to Israeli citizens. With the local market taken away from them one fell swoop, the Israeli binary options brokers and related companies turned their attention to the foreign markets.

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The three victims cited in the case, all from the district of Maryland, have been in contact with the company and its representatives in 2015-2016. The documents state that Ms. Elbaz and her co-conspirators have made false statements regarding the company, its services, and the trading it offers, and failed to disclose to the investors material information about the suitability of their investments and about the expected returns they could gain.

Binary Options Trading In Israel - Legit or Not?

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