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Any chance we'll be seeing any classic Land Rovers in the pack anytime soon?
I've got me an itch for those classic little workhorses.

Like @Venkatramanan and others I found INFORMATION_ unreliable (using InnoDB, MySQL ), giving different row counts each time I run it even on quiesced tables. Here's a relatively hacky (but flexible/adaptable) way of generating a big SQL statement you can paste into a new query, without installing Ruby gems and stuff.

$ unzip V18159-
Archive: V18159-
inflating: ggs_redhatAS50_x64_ora11g_64bit__

As now, the provisioning of a new member is like any other type of MySQL Replication when you need to provision a new slave, a manual operation. Use a backup !

This doesn’t work! Problem is that by the time you’re measuring how your application “feels”, situation may have changed already. Plus you have to consider the warm up time and disregard any overhead you see due to it. And most importantly, you can’t base your optimization efforts on feelings – it’s either faster, more scalable (and you understand why) or it’s not.

Use this form when tuning your MySQL database server to calculate the maximum MySQL memory usage based on configuration settings used in your file.

Security restrictions such as jump hosts and two-factor authentication leave many MySQL DBAs with command-line only access to their systems. In such circumstances, beloved GUI tools such as MySQL Workbench, Monyog, and others are not an option.

MySQL Enterprise Backup provides enterprise-grade backup and recovery for MySQL. It delivers hot, online, non-blocking backups on multiple platforms including Linux, Windows, Mac & Solaris.

Individuals who earn this certification are able to confidently deploy, design, and tune MySQL databases utilizing the most comprehensive set of advanced features and management tools to achieve the highest levels of MySQL scalability, security, reliability, and uptime on-premise and in the Cloud.

MySQL Fabric is built around an extensible framework for managing farms of MySQL Servers. Currently two features have been implemented – High Availability and scaling out using data sharding. Either of these features can be used in isolation or in combination.

The graphic below represents the process. Firstly, the LOAD table is filled with new data and then exchanged with a partition in the “live” application table (SALES). SALES has partitions for quarter 1 and quarter 2 (Q1 and Q2) and LOAD is exchanged with the empty Q2 partition. The effect of the exchange is to incorporate all of the data in LOAD into SALES by swapping the “identity” of LOAD with Q2. The exchange is a logical operation: a change is made in the Oracle data dictionary and no data is moved. The data in LOAD is published to SALES “at the flick of a switch”.

Alternatively, you can download directly from the releases page at: https:///KirillOsenkov/MSBuildStructuredLog/releases

In my case this part of the installation failed, but I can setup the database later and after call the script <INSTALLATION>/install/scheduler_install_

rebooting, and then create /etc/systemd/system// or /etc/systemd/system// (corresponding to the service name).

 · I have set up replication for MySQL server. I can connect from the slave machine to the master server using the replication user/password. I have got the ...

Steps are same as mentioned by @Luxknight007 except his step 2. However this thread contains more detail which is very helpful. Following is solution which i used and it worked.

Certain options control the locations and layout of the InnoDB data files. Section , “InnoDB Startup Configuration” explains how to use these options.

MySQL :: MySQL 5.7 Reference Manual :: 14.14 InnoDB.

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