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Young CEO Yoni Assia wants the platform to disrupt the outdated banking system and help usher in a new digital financial age. If you’re investing in cryptocurrencies, then there are probably some ideals to be matched in this respect. eToro provides trading for a select number of cryptocurrencies.

Deposit Funds - To put more money into your account, click Deposit Funds. You can make deposits in a number of ways, including a credit or debit card (shown here), bank transfer, or wire.

Between 2007 and 2013, the company raised $ million in four rounds of funding . [10] [11] [12] In December 2014, eToro raised $27 million from Russian and Chinese investors. [13] In December 2017, eToro and CoinDash became partners to develop Blockchain-based social trading. [14] In 2018 eToro raised a further $100 million in a private funding round. [15]

There are numerous routes to get to a trading window. The left hand menu gives traders access to their account details, including their portfolios (both virtual and real) and their bespoke ‘watchlists’. Trades can be opened by simply selecting the asset within either of these windows.

Please also note that the results you get in a demo account with eToro OpenBook are the same you’d get with a real money account (mainly because they’re the broker for everyone so trade prices are pretty much the same). We’ve checked this with some separate tests as well. And on the subject of demo accounts, it also speaks in eToro’s favour of not being a scam in our view that a demo account is offered and you can try and keep that demo account open indefinitely (. you can try before you buy).

eToro Partners. What are eToro Partners' commission plans by default? How do I change my payment information and account details? Is there a minimum amount ...

eToro is regulated by a tier one regulator , the FCA, and also by Cysec. However, it is neither listed on a stock exchange nor has a bank parent .

  • Highest returns in the industry at 85% and more
  • Free trading signals for a limited two-week period
  • OneTouch options that can pay higher multiples of 100%

The founders wanted to create a trading platform which was accessible to everyone so that even the less tech savvy or not so financially experienced could enjoy trading. Over a decade later and eToro has stayed true to its roots; its trading interface is slick-looking and very easy to navigate. Setting up an account takes minutes and the way the system vets your experience is with cool multiple-choice icons (see below) which is a nice touch:

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