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Shape an ambitious branching narrative, where your decisions not only determine the fate of the three main characters, but that of the entire city of Detroit.

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alter , change , metamorphose , modify , mutate , transfigure , transform , transmute ;

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abide , be , continue , linger , remain , stay

You obtain a personal right to a souvenir plot of land. This is a form of heritable property that you can pass on to future generations. Highland Titles remains as the registered landowner and manages the land on your behalf.

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North, 74, was a key figure in the national controversy over the sale of arms to Iran and the funneling of proceeds to the rebel Contras in Nicaragua. The ensuing political drama dominated headlines during President Ronald Reagan's second term.

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to come to be: to become ill; to grow to be; change or develop into by growth: the tadpole becomes a frog · to befit; suit: modesty becomes her; to be ...

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Old English becuman "happen, come about," also "meet with, arrive," from Proto-Germanic *bikweman "become" (cf. Dutch bekomen , Old High German biqueman "obtain," German bekommen , Gothic biquiman ). A compound of be- and come ; it drove out Old English weorðan . Meaning "to look well" is early 14c., from earlier sense of "to agree with, be fitting" (early 13c.).

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