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26 Must-Have Tools for the Ultimate Workshop

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Fences – helps you organize your desktop and can hide your icons when they are not in use.  You can resize your fences (read areas) to keep your desktop clean and organized

Pruners are the go-to tool when you're deadheading flowers or cutting pliable stems or small woody twigs. Bypass pruners (shown) are a good general-purpose tool for trimming stems of up to about 1/2 in. Ratchet pruners multiply the ratchet action to cut up to 3/4-in. stems. Any bigger and you risk the chance of breaking the pruners. Available from Corona Tools and local retailers.

These are tools that are used to twist or turn nuts and bolts. They are a major requirement for mechanics because automobiles have many bolts that may need to be loosened or tightened during repair. They come in different sizes, and when buying a set, you should ensure that it is quality; lower quality wrenches tend to bend or warp when too much force is applied.

Keeping your collection of drivers, screws, and bolts in an easy-to-haul toolbox keeps things organized and handy. The large-capacity plastic box has a single metal latch that closes securely. A removable tray is great for assorted fasteners.

With the Must Have Woodworking Tools List free woodworking plans package , you will get help to build all kinds of projects, be it furniture, sheds, beds or wind generators. These plans are very user friendly which helps in making each woodworking project enjoyable and simple. These online plans offer more options to woodworkers than any other sources. You can find the perfect woodworking plan according to your level of expertise or desired need. There are plans for beginners, professional and weekend hobbyists. For newcomers, these plans are a must have package as they are very simple to use and contain colored images of the highest quality and detailed instructions stepwise for every woodworking projects.

We've seen the future of handheld cordless tools, and it's brushless. The motor on Makita's 18-volt XVJ02Z cordless jig saw ($290, tool only) runs practically forever and optimizes speed and torque for cutting metal, wood, and composites.

Research reveals that “ 76% of consumers look at customer service as a test of their value to a brand.” Give your users value by answering their questions through customer support.

Check out this list to make sure you have all the essential homesteading tools. Double check the shed so you have everything you need to be a practical and effective homesteader.

I’m always using the We Are Memory Keepers Corner punches and the Paper Gator that can do multiple cuts when I work on larger projects. I love using the Sizzix Big Shot that can be used with all dies. Copic markers are a must in my arsenal for coloring, shading and spraying with a compressor. All these tools are making me want to get craftin!

Locking extension bars are probably responsible for a 50% reduction of the frustration rate in the shop. Seriously, is there something more frustrating than dropping a socket somewhere in the engine bay and then having to look for your much-needed and most often expensive socket for the next 30 minutes? This could be a life-saver, especially if you bought the awesome Craftsman Extreme Grip socket set which I talk more in detail below.

We recently attended the Mac Tools Tool Fair in Nashville, Tennessee and scoped out all of the new products for 2017. The fair also gave us an opportunity to see some of our favorite tools, and create a list of must-have tools for hardcore car guys. Sure, you probably have a great collection of tools already, but we’re passing along some tools that you could put to work in your garage. Price point, convenience and overall usage play into our compilation of cool tools, and the folks at Mac Tools speak our language when it comes to practical tools for car guys. Take a look at our list of must-have tools for your garage, and be sure to check out for even more selection.

Gardening is a labor of love, but there's no reason you shouldn't love your labor. It can be easier though, if you're well-equipped with the right tools.

Had to start off this list the right way – with adorableness! If you’re into terrariums, fairy gardens, or decorative arrangements, you are already familiar with putting figurines in your pots!

To make it easier to navigate to the products you need we’ve added the jump links below. Please note that the ordering below is simply to organize the tools and is not indicative of preference. If we had the time, we’d use them all.

Cake Pans – When it comes to cake pans, I prefer a non-stick pan mostly because that is all I have used, and it is what I see professionals using. I don’t always trust non-stick cookware for health reasons. If you are wanting to do tiered cakes, I would recommend starting with a 10-inch pan, 8-inch pan and 6-inch pan.  Parrish Magic Line   makes a good pan. You are looking for a cake pan that is solidly built so they won’t warp or become dented easily.

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