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Many people obsess over how the resume is formatted. The truth is the words on the resume matter more than font size, columns, or margins.

Mark Joshi: author of "the Concepts and Practice of Mathematical Finance" and "C++ Design Patterns and Derivatives Pricing."

Thank you so much sir for providing all these question and answers in a single pdf that is so helpful for me. And your questions are also based on the new pattern. Sir I liked your work and appreciate this work too.

Just note that $$x^2-2=x$$ I bet even a quant can solve that. (I'm allowed to make that joke, I'm actually a quant myself.)

Quant, Math & Computer Science Puzzles for Interview Preparation & Brain Teasing
A collection of ~225 Puzzles with Solutions (classified by difficulty and topic)

My guest this week is a version of me—a funnier, cooler version who has a PhD and served as an active duty marine. Lots of you will already be familiar ...

It is important to note that time is used in the calculation of IRR . The inclusion of time means we are accounting for the opportunity cost of the dollars locked into the investment. Consequently, internal rate of returns can be seen as a more useful metric to prospective investors.

DSouza belongs to Thane, Mumbai and has done in Mechanical Engineering from  NIT Allahabad in 1997.  For the first time, he appeared in CAT in 2000 but could not get one of the top IIMs. However, he cracked MAH-CET and joined JBIMS Mumbai to pursue the flagship MMS programme.

Q2. I am in the 6th year of my PhD in pure mathematics and am going to graduate soon. I am really interested in data science and I want to know if I want to get a job in this area, what can I do or what should I prepare myself so that I can have the skill sets that the companies need? I’m now reading books and trying to find some side projects that I can do. Do you have any ideas where I can find these projects that will interest employers?

7. Time and Work
8. Averages
9. Ratio and Proportion
10. Linear Equations
11. Quadratic Equations
12. Complex Numbers
13. Logarithm
14. Progressions (Sequences & Series)
15. Binomial Theorem
16. Surds and Indices
17. Inequalities
18. Permutation and Combination
19. Probability
20. Functions
21. Set Theory
22. Mixtures and Alligations
23. Geometry
24. Co-ordinate Geometry
25. Trigonometry
26. Mensuration

Review of first edition

... Joshi's book justifies the price both in cash, and more importantly the number of hours it will consume to make sure you do this stuff right. Give there are > 225 main questions that can work out as one to two weeks of your life, and of course, I have to tell you that the longer you take to work through it the more time you should work on this stuff to get the job you want...
Given this review you can expect to see it in the new recommended reading list for our Quant Career Guide.

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